"Mary Lovell is the real thing: a biographer passionately interested in her subjects. She realises her material and retells with tremendous verve all the best stories." The Times.


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A Hunting Pageant

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UK Hardback

UK Hardback

A Hunting Pageant (Saiga Publishing) Publication date April 1990 Hardback
ISBN 978-0904558770

The sport of hunting is part of our national heritage and, as such, has been the sport of both Kings and commoners throughout the ages.

The New Forest Hunt Club first became an organised society in 1781 and is still to the fore of the hunting world today. In this fascinating book the author, a member of the present-day Hunt Club, studies the history and development of the New Forest Hunt from the early days until modern times.

The struggles of the war years, the depressions and other trials and tribulations, common to all the Hunts of the time, are described with compassion, as are the years when all was well.

This was Mary S. Lovell's first book, written while she was recovering from a broken back caused by a fall from her horse. She had been a member of the hunt for many years and it was published to coincide with the Hunt Club's 200 year celebrations.

What the reviewers said:

"... A meticulously researched history of the New Forest Hounds …"
Horse and Hound.

Cats as Pets

UK Paperback

UK Paperback

Cats as Pets (Saiga Publishing) Publication date May 1981 Paperback
ISBN 978-0862300128

Written in 1982, this little paperback book was intended as a manual for the new or inexperienced cat owner. Contains easy-to-understand instructions on how to care for a pet cat, illustrated by Mary S. Lovell's teenage son, Graeme.

The Perfumed Garden of Cheikh Nefzaoui

UK Paperback

UK Paperback

The Perfumed Garden (Signet Classics) Publication date May 1999 Paperback
ISBN 978-0451526595

The Perfumed Garden is an antiquarian Arab treatise on lovemaking and sexual relationships. It promotes the view that erotic sex is one of life's joys, and that it is a subject for study and discussion. Originally written 500 years ago, it was first translated into English by Sir Richard Burton in the 19th century.

Mary S. Lovell, who wrote a definitive, best-selling biography of Burton (A Rage to Live) in 1998, introduces this reprint of The Perfumed Garden by Penguin Books; she relates its history including Burton's part in it, and also discusses its relevance today.